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Here are some commonly asked questions on eye-donation. The website also provides a form for pledging eye-donation in India.


Can a living person donate his eyes?


 Eye donations are NOT taken from a living person, but are removed only from the dead. However, anybody can pledge to donate his eyes and his wish can be fulfilled by his kin after his demise.


What part of the eye is transplanted?


Although the entire eye is removed from the body but it is only the cornea that can be transplanted. Usually artificial or plastic eyes are put in the socket of the dead and eyelids stitched together to restore normal appearance of the face.


How to pledge?


All you have to do is to fill up a eye donation form available from any eye bank and submit it in the nearest eye bank. For your convenience eye donation form of the National Eye Bank is given below. You can take a print out of the form and post it to the address of National Eye Bank given at the bottom.


Any other formality?


In the event of death of the individual the relatives / kin are required to inform the nearest eye bank or the physician taking care of the individual about his wish of donating his eyes. They are also required to sign a consent form before the eyes can be removed.


Will the relatives get to know the recipient of the eyes?


No. The identity of both the recipient and the donor is kept a secret.


Are there any payments involved?


No. There are no payment or money involved for donor or for the recipient for the corneal transplantation i.e., there is no payment for the eye or cornea. (However, the recipient may have to pay for the operation charges).

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EBAI is another resource on the same:

The famous Aishwarya Rai campaign from EBAI elicited ten thousand pledges. Isn't eye/organ donation the obvious thing to do when you are gone? Why does it require a star to elicit such a response. A nice compilation on organ donation -

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Something that one should know is that, organ donation has to be done within one hour of death or something, but eyes can be donated also after 4-5 hours of death.

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Yes, Goli, I recently came to know about this. And I have confirmed this with MOHAN Foundation through e-mail :

here is the information that I received:
"On death at home only eyes can be donated because in one hour organs cannot be retrived and this is timetaking process.. if the patient is In hospital at that time it may be possible some times"

But still, let me try and dig deeper into this and find out the exact details. I shall update the post and comment here with more facts soon.

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Another misconception that people have is that, they think if they have power (spectacles) they cannot donate the eye. But in fact that does not really matter.

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You can find more about eye donation on this blog

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In this regard I am sharing my personal experience. My mother (Smt.) Krishna Biswas passed away on 11/11/2009 at the age of 66 yrs after a short illness. She did not pledge her eyes anywhere but convinced me (her only heir) to donate her eyes after death. According to her wish, SUSRUT EYE FOUNDATION & RESEARCH CENTRE at HB-36/A/1, Sector-III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata was informed to collect her eyes from Genesis Hospital,Kolkata, where she breathed her last. They collected the eyes within Four hour of her demise.

One point is important to share in this context that both of her eyes were undergone cataract operations in 2007.

Late (Smt.) Krishna Biswas dedicated herself to progressive movement for the welfare of women and society. A citizen sector organization named Krishnaa Human Initiatives (KHI) has been founded in her memory. The organization works with the grassroots-level organizations working directly with and for the underprivileged. KHI aims to play a significant role in augmentation of the livelihood opportunities for the people at the grass root level.

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@Goli: Organ donation can be done only in case of brain death. In case of brain death a person is maintained on a ventilator or an artificial support system. As long as the person is on the ventilator his organs can be harvested.

While eye donation can be done in case of cardiac death (natural death) as well as brain death.

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To know more about eye donation or to volunteer log on to

Eye Donation its simple its free its online at The Grass Roots

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I have question regarding eye donation. I am very very interested on this topic. Can a I donator place one or two conditions about who will be able to receive his or her eyes?

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