Free Workshop on 'Media and Advocacy', Dec 6-10, Bombay

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Dear All,

The Institute for Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution (IPSCR) and Minority

Rights Group (MRG) are jointly organizing a workshop on "Media and Advocacy"

from december 6 to december 10, 2010 in Mumbai. MRG has consultative status

at the UN. There will be participants from the whole of South Asia. IPSCR

will be selecting 10 participants from India. The workshop is designed in a

way where it will equip the participants to meaningfully and effectively

engage with the media and use the same for advocacy purposes for the

empowerment of the minority communities. This workshop is significant since

it acknowledges the need to engage with the media which is often called the

fourth pillar of democracy. Unfortunately, the media is today encouraging

stereotpying of the minorities by portraying them in a biased manner.

This strengthens a certain prejudice vis a vis the minorities. To address

this, the media needs to be oriented to mainstream the vioces and concerns

of the minorities and contribute to the cause of Human rights and Justice.

The training will equip the participants with skills to use internet based

media effectively, print media and documentaries for campaigns and advocacy

on minority issues.

This workshop will be conducted by international resource persons. The

accommodation and travel expenses of the participants will be borne by the

organizers. the criterion for the selection of the 10 participants is mainly

the following two:

1. Below the age of 25 years

2. Working with minority communities or on their issues.

3. Well versed in English (the resource persons are not conversant with

Indian languages)


However, we encourage women to participate in a big way. We will also aim at

a regional balance. Interested participants are requested to send their

statement of purpose along with a brief and precise write up about their

present engagements to the email id of IPSCR which is at

the soonest.


Warm regards,


Neha Dabhade,

Project Coordinator,




Institute for Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

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